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Richard Lawton

Do you want to improve your presentation skills?

Communicate better in client meetings?

Present more confidently in the court room or boardroom?

When people discover the power of their own voice, it can have far-reaching effects on their life. Their mental and physical wellbeing improves. They feel an increased connection with others. People quit jobs that drain them, negotiate large raises and speak up for things they care about. And almost universally, people find that unlocking their voice awakens their creativity.

Richard’s workshops focus on voice, presentation skills and body language that will allow you to command the space and present more confidently.

“How can I learn to project my voice more?”

“How can I be a more persuasive presenter?”

“I’m not getting my message across in meetings – what can I do about that?”

Richard will help you manage these common concerns.

Communication and team building activities

Many of Richard’s workshops can be tailored to be delivered as team building activities. Richard will teach your team to work fearlessly together in front of any audience and manage their inner critic. Richard has decades of experience in teaching people how to overcome performance anxiety and has helped thousands of people improve how they communicate with others.

He will have your teams singing harmoniously and working together. Building rapport ad genuine connections with one another through the power of voice and song.

His services include:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Team Building Games
  • Communications and Body Language Activities
  • Team Strategy Day Activities
  • Singing, Laughter and Voice Work to build team morale

For uplifting, invigorating and unique corporate events, contact Richard to discuss your next corporate event or team building activity.

Richard Lawton

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